Simplay3 Presents a Modern Variation of the Classic Teeter Totter Toy

Simplay3 Rock and Roll Teeter

​The Simplay3 Company has created a modern take on the classic teeter totter with a Simplay3 twist! Two children can use it as a seesaw, but flip it upside down and any number of kids can use it as a tunnel!

“The Rock & Roll Teeter was designed to entertain multiple children and provide more than one way to play,” explains Simplay3 product designer, Keary Knerem. “I have three young children and a small home, so my intent was to pack in as much play value as possible. Two kids can seesaw, as any other teeter does, and we also discovered they love to spin around together and get dizzy. We found that the younger ones like to crawl through a center tunnel created when the teeter is upside down, as well as race toy cars across and down the ramp surface or through the smaller tunnel-like openings.”

The teeter is kid-friendly with its rounded edges, easy grip handles and end stops to prevent it from rocking too far. Every child will love this curvy seesaw with its wide contoured seats and high backrests. The durable, double-wall plastic construction is perfect for indoor or outdoor use, and it wipes clean easily. No assembly is required.

Simplay3 products for kids and grown-ups can be purchased on the company website and on Amazon Marketplace. For more information, please visit


About Simplay3

The Simplay3 Company was founded in 2016 in Streetsboro, Ohio. The company is a veteran-owned, American manufacturer of children’s products as well as an extensive line of mailboxes and home and garden products. Simplay3 is comprised of a diversified, experienced management and design team that built The Little Tikes Company and The Step2 Company.

Source: The Simplay3 Company


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